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The SCI-SWG – Social and Cultural Innovation is an ESFRI strategy working group which spans its domains of competence in the social, behavioural and economic sciences, the humanities, and the cultural heritage.

The working group monitors scientific developments and emerging research challenges, taking innovation into account and addressing the issue of socio-economic impact, thus contributing to the objectives of the Innovation Union and ESFRI Strategy report.

Continuing the work of the previous SSH-TWG – Social Sciences and Humanities Thematic Working Group, the SCI-SWG's main task is to ensure the implementation of the five projects in the social sciences and humanities area, present on the ESFRI roadmap, with a special focus on long term sustainability.

Furthermore, the working group monitors the specific landscape in order to prepare for the new generation of research infrastructures in the next one or two decades. It explores how research infrastructures can contribute to social innovation (for example, in better understanding societal attitudes towards energy challenges) or to strengthen the dialogue between research communities and society. It also establishes interoperability with other Strategy Working Groups that deal with infrastructures with a direct effect on human populations.

The membership of the working group consists of experts nominated by the ESFRI delegations, coming from research and stakeholder institutions related to the SWG's domains of competence. The Chair of the working group is an ESFRI delegate, and participates and reports to the ESFRI Forum.